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How will Only 8 Frozen Yogurt increase your sales?

It's Easy... More Customers 

Most frozen yogurts are as ordinary as a loaf of bread. There is not one person on this planet that is going to make a special trip to your store just because you are selling frozen yogurt. They will buy it where it is the most convenient.  If they happen to be near your store when they are in the mood for frozen yogurt, then you will have a customer.


How would you like to offer a frozen yogurt that is so unique that people will actually get into their car and make a special trip to your store to buy it?  This happens all the time with  Only 8 Frozen Yogurt, and you are now going to learn why these customers will make that special trip to your store.

What makes Only 8 Frozen Yogurt unique?

  • No Fat, No Cholesterol

  • Low Calories, Low Carbs

  • All Natural - No Preservatives

  • Kosher Certified

  • Gluten-Free


When a product is unique, people make a special effort to get it.  This is the reason why you will have more customers with Only 8 Frozen Yogurt.


Enjoying Ice Cream

The Healthiest - Best Tasting - Most Affordable

Your Health Conscious Customers

Will Love You!

Sweetened with Fructose (a natural fruit sugar)

Only 8 doesn't have the aftertaste of other low-calorie frozen yogurts

that use chemical substitutes. 

Safe for most Diabetics & those with Lactose Intolerance

Most diabetics can safely consume Only 8 because it is sweetened with fructose and is all natural.

Most people sensitive to lactose and those with other diet restrictions search for products such as Only 8 because they are safe to eat!


It is this large group of people that will seek out your store and become steady customers for life!


No Refrigeration & Long Shelf Life

  • Only 8 comes in a powder and needs no refrigeration

  • It has a long 12-month shelf life. 


  • Wholesale pricing because we sell direct to you and eliminate the distributor and their large markup.  

Free Banners, Posters & Marketing Materials for your store

No other wholesale frozen yogurt company offers you as much free marketing material to make your store successful! 

 "Only 8 Frozen Yogurt is committed to serving the needs and wants of customers with a dedication, passion and responsiveness unequaled by our competition."


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